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       from a dream to reality...       

Meet Courtney

Where did you meet? 

Born in Louisville Kentucky at a local bar clicked instantly, and became friends. We both have a similar desire to travel and experience something different. We enjoy learning new things, and want to share the message of being true to ourselves, and loving who you are. It was, Something we realized we needed to do along our journey.  

Why did you travel? 

It's a crazy story, I watched a Netflix special called the Minimalist my late friend Kehontas told me about and it changed my view on life.  Not long after that, I decided to sell all of my stuff and backpack for a bit.  

I  was unfulfilled at all my jobs, and I had never left the country and always wanted to travel,  letting the world be my teacher.  


So I did our research, came up with a budget, and plan to travel affordably. We did some housesitting in Spain,  rode bikes in Amsterdam, stayed in a hostel in the Grand Canary Islands, and found the cutest hotels north of Barcelona in Granolas.  We wanted to travel to places that were not touristy. Check out our early posts on Instagram


How did you get into business together?

As we were preparing to backpack through Europe, we wanted to condense the number of products we were taking.  So, we began to research soaps and other products that we can use for dual purposes. 

Solutions: Black soap was our solution for shampoo. Shea butter was great for moisture and sunblock.

Courtney: My skin is sensitive to perfumes, instead I used body oils and lotions to fragrance. We created a butter that we were able on our entire body and feel protected from the elements.  As we traveled, we met tons of people that had great products around the world that they were passionate about, but weren’t sure how to sell them.  These small businesses would set up in festivals and try selling online without much success.  Enters the development of Passion Geeks. We geek out about people’s passions including our own. We want to help small business owners like ourselves sell their products, but we had to do it for ourselves first before we taught others how to sell theirs.  Welcome to our journey. 

With no brick-n-mortar how do you connect with your audience? 

Bre: We pop up at different shops and events in the area. We have our website at, we have started a FB group called the passion geeks to help people be able to express themselves and their truth and receive positive feedback from their peers.  We are working on a small self-love festival that we should be launching as soon as we nail down a location.  As well as looking to appear in different local stores. 

What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

Courtney: The most enjoyable part about what we do, is being a part of someone’s journey, by creating an inmate environment, to allow people to express where they are, how they are feeling, and where they are headed.   It truly warms my soul to hear people's stories and passion. 

What is the goal of Passion Geeks? 

Bre: The goal is to empower others to live their authentic life, to educate people on how to naturally care for their skin and spiritual self in a beneficial way while building a platform to help others do the same.  Share the love, one person at a time.  

Courtney: ​We would like to open an all-natural manufacturing facility that also has a co-working space that can help all small business owners create their passions here locally.  

The Story....

On July 10, 2018, these two ladies boarded a one-way flight to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Leaving behind family and friends, the home they were starting to build. They left the careers that they thought would be their future. They also left what they thought was the "Right Way " or the idealistic way of living. 


Though it may seem like they were leaving a lot behind,  they felt as if they were going to gain a lot more in the long run. 


They wanted to be able to see the world through their own eyes and the eyes of the locals who know the city like the back of their hands.  To be able to experience views that a picture could never do justice. To be able to hear stories from people all over the world, the good, the bad, and the beauty of it all. Being able to take the time to appreciate the work that our ancestors have left behind for us. 


"For one must understand the past to know their future."

You're probably reading this and wondering “Wtf is wrong with these girls?”


"Trust me, we get it. When we say it out loud,  sometimes we wonder if we lost our own damn mind.  Who just up and decides to leave everything they know and have worked for behind for the unknown?  Sounds crazy..right?"

But what they found was a deeper understanding of what the world has to offer.  They were met with great stories to share and priceless memories.  They met people who were passionate about real projects and products.

When they returned they felt different. They saw different. They thought differently. There was absolutely no way they could go back to a 9 to 5 after that amazing journey.


Hence, the creation of Passion Geeks.  The people they had met inspired them to create and showcase products that they were passionate about.  They were already making homemade butter and scrubs for themselves, and every time they walked into a room someone complimented their Aroma. 

Jan 2020 birthed the Passion line found here on our website.  Thank you for stopping by to hear a bit about our journey and we can't wait to meet you.  Don't forget to sign up for our mailing list before you go, to check out where we will be in the near future! 

Passion Geeks

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